Charles Owen: Configure and personalize horse riding helmets

Charles Owen is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality equestrian helmets, committed to providing riders with top-notch safety and style. With a legacy spanning over a century, Charles Owen has established itself as a leader in the equestrian industry, known for its innovation and dedication to rider protection. As the company continued to grow, they sought a modern solution to enhance the customer experience and streamline their ordering process.


Clear visualization for configurations and lack of personalization

Before implementing Expivi’s 3D configurator platform, Charles Owen faced challenges with their traditional product visualization methods. The equestrian helmet market demands a personalized touch, as riders often have specific preferences regarding color, design, and additional features. However, their previous solutions struggled to convey these customizations effectively.

This led to a disconnect between what customers envisioned and what was ultimately delivered, resulting in potential dissatisfaction and increased returns.


3D experience with price calculation and PDF generation

Charles Owen turned to Expivi’s 3D configurator platform to revolutionize their product visualization and ordering process. Expivi’s platform allowed customers to interact with 3D models of the helmets, providing an immersive and realistic experience. This enabled riders to customize their helmets in real-time, visualizing the changes instantly. Expivi’s user-friendly interface and robust customization options made it easy for customers to explore various design elements, ensuring they could create a helmet that matched both their safety requirements and personal style preferences.

Additionally, Expivi seamlessly integrated with Charles Owen’s existing systems, simplifying the transition and minimizing disruptions to their workflow. The platform’s scalability also ensured that as Charles Owen expanded its product line or introduced new features, the configurator could easily adapt to meet evolving customer demands.


Increased customer experience, conversion rate and average order value

The implementation of Expivi’s 3D configurator platform resulted in a significant transformation for Charles Owen. The benefits were threefold:

  • Visualization: Customers now had a clear, interactive representation of their customized helmet, reducing ambiguity and enhancing satisfaction. The 3D configurator eliminated guesswork, allowing riders to make informed decisions about their purchases.
  • Increased Order Value: With the ability to visualize and personalize their helmets in real-time, customers were more inclined to explore additional features and upgrades. This led to an increase in order value as riders discovered and opted for enhancements they may not have considered with the previous system.
  • Better Product Information: The 3D configurator not only improved the ordering process but also served as an educational tool. Customers gained a deeper understanding of the available options, materials, and safety features, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty towards Charles Owen.
commercial partner expivi
Better product information

Customers now have the best product information by using 3D. Every configuration and selection is displayed. This reduced pressure both on customer service and costs.

omnichannel expivi
Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing realistic renderings.

real time pricing expivi
Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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