Multiwagon: foodtruck configurator for custom vehicles and automatic quote requests

Foodtrucks have been getting more and more popular over the last few years.
Building and operating these trucks started off as a do it yourself centered business but has now evolved in a thriving industry. In this industry, Multiwagon has established itself as the go to partner for the production of customized foodtrucks.


Standardize options in one digital catalogue for quotes

Multiwagon offers a wide range of options for their clients to choose from. Trucks are customized depending on the desired food theme (e.g. pizza, ice cream), the amount of meals prepared and custom styling requests. Before moving towards our solution, Multiwagon needed to inform every customer separately about all options and deliver digital mockups even before they knew clients were serious about buying. This long and demanding sales cycle made scaling up without investing heavily in employees impossible.

After internal research, Multiwagon found that 80% of the options they offered could be standardized within set concepts. To communicate these to potential clients Multiwagon started looking for a system where concepts would be visualized and utilized in a logical flow.


3D configurator to select options, price calculation and realistic rendering

Expivi’s 3D configurator software allows clients to choose a setup based on their personal needs. The first step is choosing which pre-set kitchen concept works best for them, these concepts range from ice-cream to churros. The second step is focussed on personalizing the truck. Users can change colors and add logos to several positions, truly creating their “own” food truck.


Shorter sales cycle with the CPQ solution

  • Enhanced customization experience: Real-time visualization of the configuration process allows customers to explore various design options and combinations in real-time. The configurator’s realistic 3D renderings accurately represent the food truck, enabling customers to make informed decisions and feel confident about the first steps of their buying process.
  • Scalability: By using the configurator, Multiwagon is able to scale faster without the extra investment in sales and marketing. They no longer need to spend their resources on the first steps of the sales process, informing customers about all the options available and making digital mockups of designs.
  • Shorter sales cycle: By getting customers to design their own food truck without Multiwagon spending time on design and feedback rounds, Multiwagon’s sales cycle shortened by 40%. On top of that, the configuration enables Multiwagon to keep track of the options which are chosen the most, and by this learn about the market’s specific needs.
quotation process configurator
Improved quotation process

Multiwagon is now able to send quotes automatically with the 3D configurator, saving time and money for sales representatives.

omnichannel expivi
Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D visualization increases the customer experience by showing realistic renderings.

real time pricing expivi
Increase up-sell and cross-sell

Customers are able to select options and accessories in the 3D configurator, increasing the average order value.

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