Give Customers an In-Store Experience At Home

With Expivi’s Product Configurator, you can offer your customers the same benefits of in-store shopping from within the comfort of their own home. Your customers will be able to visualize, place, and configure AR/VR versions of your products anywhere they choose.

AR configuration enables them to explore how different options - including colors, patterns, and add-ons - affect the final product and its relationship with their home (or office) environment, helping to increase sales and lower return rates.  

The New Standard for E-Commerce

In an increasingly crowded market where crisp images and high-quality product videos are common, augmented reality sets a new standard and enables your brand to stand out and demand attention.

By implementing AR/VR and providing a better customer experience, E-Commerce firms will increase dwell time, expand reach (customers love to share innovative tools), and build trust. Ultimately, this leads to increased sales, reduced returns, and happier customers.  

Real-Time 3D Configuration

Expivi’s Product Configurator enables your customers to configure your products in real-time, swapping between potentially millions of different options to find the combination that is perfect for them.

The ability to seamlessly switch between variations, coupled with real-time price calculations, is of enormous benefit to any business that regularly deals with custom projects. The ability to create custom rulesets ensures your customers can never configure a product you can’t produce.