Ready for a Expivi succes story? We absolutely love this project we did with T1TAN GmbH, they are the absolute specialist in Goalkeepers gloves. Their configurator launched this week and resulted in the build of a new production line in their factory to keep up with all the orders coming in! Customers throughout Europe personalized and ordered their unique gloves and they ended up selling a impressive amount on their launch day. This resulted in a ROI for this project of just 1 day! T1tan is running on the Shopify Plus e-commerce platform and is using our special shopify plugin to show the 3D configurator. 

New customer: Original Portus

Original Portus told us that they are really glad to have chosen to launch a 3D configurator last year already because it gives them a major advantage in the current situation. Being able to present their products in 3D has become an important extra sales channel for them.

New customer: Crable

Have you seen this product before, we love it! This cool Expivi project went live this week and we think you will love to have this one in your next hotel room, kitchen, office space or living room! The Crable is a customizable shelve with 6 slots for a variety of connections on the bottom. Add lights, power-outlets, USB or USB-C ports and charge anything you like! By using the configurator Expivi has build, they can be fully configured in any color and with a upload possibility for a company logo! Go and brand your own Crable!

Press-release: Elision & Expivi enter into a partnership

The two innovative e-commerce companies enter into a future-oriented partnership. Elision, the prominent SAP Commerce Cloud and C/4HANA implementation partner of the Benelux, adds the Expivi product visualization and configuration software solution to her portfolio to bring SAP Commerce Cloud to a next level.

WWD: "3D Configurator Gives Brands a Competitive Edge, and Lower Returns"

We've been featured on WWD (Women's Wear Daily) and they're explaining how Expivi's 3D configurator gives brands a competitive edge and lower product returns.

We’re chosen to be part of the SAP.io scale-up program

We had to keep this a secret but I finally can share this exciting news! We had the chance to present Expivi’s case in front of SAP executives and SAP Hybris management in Munich which itself was a unique experience. We are happy to announce that Expivi has been chosen to be part of SAP.iO

We are going to Boston! (eTail 2019)

From August 19 to 22, Expivi is in Boston to be part of the world class e-commerce trade fair, eTail 2019. eTail is a four-day conference designed to help businesses to increase their profits from their e-commerce practices. Major retailers will come together to gain inspiration, get updated on all new trends and of course networking.

Boost your conversion [free infographic]

Increase online sales, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Sounds good, right? It all starts from a good base: an awesome performing website. But what if the web traffic isn’t the problem, but the traffic doesn’t convert into sales?

Will Expivi be the winner of the Computable Awards 2019?

The trade magazine for ICT ‘Computable’ again nominated 10 digital and ecommerce suppliers fort he Computable Awards 2019. Together with 9 others, Expivi has been nominated to become the best ‘Digital & E-commerce supplier’ of the year.

Press release: Expivi receives multimillion investment and brings interactive 3D experience to e-commerce

Eindhoven, 4 June 2019 

Expivi receives multimillion investment and brings interactive 3D experience to e-commerce

3D visualization and personalization market can no longer ignore Eindhoven company Expivi. In the first investment round, the company raised a multimillion investment from Scholt Group with which further international growth can be achieved.

How AR revolutionises your online sales [free infographic]

Among the emerging technologies, augmented reality (AR) is driving the e-commerce industry to the future. AR is a new way to shop by overcoming all the challenges and exploring online space. Curious how AR revolutionises your online sales? Download the infographic. It’s totally free!

Herman Miller LoyalBrand - Configurable Chairs

Herman Miller LoyalBrand is a webshop that only sells the brand Herman Miller. You have the possibility to order the chairs from stock, but you can also choose to customize a chair, this way you can "design" an office chair any way you like!

The history of CES

Nowadays CES is a big part of the tech (gadget) world! But how did this expo become so big and what does the history of CES look like? We've made a brief overview of the start and some of the highlights in the history of CES.

Expivi at CES Las Vegas 2019

This year Expivi went to CES Las Vegas for the second time in a row. The three co-founders (Babak Mirzaie, Siamak Mirzaie and Jur Rademakers) headed to Las Vegas to represent Expivi. They went there with Startup Delta. After being very impressed by the size, the number of visitors and the event itself last year, CES 2019 was definitely not a letdown!

Holland Tech Square at CES Las Vegas 2019

What is the Holland Tech Square? The Holland Tech Square exists out of only Dutch startups that get to display their products or services in the same area at CES. This year Expivi and over 50 other Dutch startups went to CES with Startup Delta. But why would you want to go to Las Vegas as a Dutch company?

CES 2019 - Highlights, experiences and a lot of gadgets!

Just like every previous year CES 2019 was a huge spectacle! Each year in January the event is held in Las Vegas, which draws an enormous amount of visitors, stand holders, media, etc. So of course the expectations were high this year!

Expivi - winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards - in the spotlight

On the 2nd of November 2018, the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards were announced. Expivi was selected as the winner of the award in the Living & Working theme! The innovative award is a huge acknowledgement for the startup!

CES Las Vegas

What is CES? CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is an annual trade show (organised by the Consumer Technology Association) that is held in Las Vegas. During this event in January the newest products and technologies in consumer electronics are presented.

SXSW 2019

South By Southwest (or SXSW) is an important event for worldwide professionals. The event offers sessions, showcases, exhibitions and a wide arrangement of network opportunities. They prove, when a wide variety of subjects and people come together, the most unexpected discoveries can happen. SXSW Austin is meant for supporting creative people in achieving their goals.

New Dutch Wave

New Dutch Wave is an international movement that celebrates Dutch top creativity and entrepreneurship. Dutch entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups, artists and the government and smart cities get the chance to present themselves to a relevant and international audience.

Slush Helsinki 2018

Slush was founded in 2008, by Helene Auramo, Kai Lemmetty, Ville Vesterinen and Peter Vesterbacka. Slush Helsinki started as a gathering of 300 people and is now a world-famous event that keeps on growing! The meaning of Slush stayed the same: contributing to the next generation of world-conquering companies.

SOA People Performance Day 20/11/2018

SOA People aims at transforming their business customers into exceptional, efficient and excellent performing businesses. Thanks to relevant offerings, proven methods and professional approach SOA People developed an impressive track record of innovative projects for different kinds of business in different shapes and sizes.

Expivi - Proud winner Accenture Innovation Awards

On Friday the second of November 2018, the Innovation Summit and the finals of the Accenture Innovation Awards took place. The popular summit that was held for the 12th time this year, took place in the Fabrique, Maarssen (the Netherlands).

Perfect Pitch - September 19th 2018

On the 19th of September 2018 Scale Up Academy - Perfect Pitch was held at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. The event was organised for the semi-finalists of the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA). Expivi was selected as one of the semi-finalists in the top 10 of the Living & Working category.

Accenture Innovation Expo 2018

The Accenture Innovation Awards and the Innovation Expo are an essential part of Accenture’s year-round innovation program. With these awards Accenture wants to encourage innovation, new collaborations and offer a valuable platform for innovations of the future. The awards are a journey, including several events, the Innovation Awards, which culminate in the Summit.

Accenture Innovation Awards

In 2018 the 12th annual Accenture Innovation Awards is taking place! Every year new innovations are selected out of many applications, they get the chance to present and prove themselves! The Innovation Awards program is a journey that takes place during the year.

Expivi at CAD & Company University - October 4th 2018

On the 4th of October 2018 the 2nd annual CAD & Company University event took place. Visitors were able to sign up for free. Several companies were invited to give a presentation and tell a bit more about their products and services in their own stand in the lobby.

Ecommerce Trends and The Importance of Product Visualisation

What is happening in the world of ecommerce? And are there any ecommerce trends you don't want to miss? 

Ecommerce trends and the importance of visual effects

The Basics of Product Configuration

What is product configuration? What does a product configurator do? And how exactly can a product configurator improve my ecommerce success?

Today we answer all of these questions and more. Learn about the product configuration process, its benefits, and how Expivi can improve the conversion rates on your ecommerce store.