On the 4th of October 2018 the 2nd annual CAD & Company University event took place. Visitors were able to sign up for free. Several companies were invited to give a presentation and tell a bit more about their products and services in their own stand in the lobby.

What does CAD & Company do?

CAD & Company has been helping companies improve their design- and company processes in construction, civil and industry for 20 years now. They are involved, look ahead, go for quality and are solution oriented. They offer solutions and services (technology and training) using Autodesk and Microsoft software and develop software on these platforms. [caption id="attachment_9527" align="alignnone" width="600"] CAD & Company - Autodesk partner of the year[/caption]

What did the event offer?

The CAD & Company University is the largest Autodesk event in the Benelux and is held annually. The Industrial look of the 'Rijtuigenloods' in Amersfoort is the perfect fit for the event. Rijtuigenloods, Amersfoort The general idea behind the event is for everyone to gain inspiration, learn from others, meet new people and to share your own ideas or visions with others. Rob Oud for CAD & Company, William Nicol for Autodesk with Kersten Retail gave the keynotes at the event. The last keynote of the event was a surprise. It turns out it was a keynote where everyone could have a good laugh. Rob Oud, CAD & Company Productivity was this years theme. Everybody was given the possibility to choose a track, this meant you could listen to the presentations of one of the themes, Construction, Civil engineering & infrastructure, Installation, Industrial or management. Most visitors chose the track that's closest to their (work) interests. The presentations were all given in a separate little wagon, which created a really nice atmosphere. Rijtuigenloods, Amersfoort

What was Expivi's part?

Expivi had their own stand, but also had the opportunity to give a detailed explanation in a half hour presentation. Expivi was part of the management track. Babak Mirzaie and Siamak gave the presentation. They offered the perfect combination of the technical and visual part. Because both sides were highlighted, listeners were able to get a clear view of what Expivi does and what they can offer companies. Babak Mirzaie, Expivi This made it very easy for people to connect with Expivi, if, for example, they were looking for ways to visualise the products they sell to consumers. After the presentation there was a Q&A, but if you wanted to have a more personal talk, you could just visit the stand. Expivi at their Stand

Who else were there?

Of course Expivi wasn't the only company that was present. Each track had three extra presentations given by different companies. Stijn van Leeuwen for Ondernemershuis op Zuid and Jonas Oijevaar for Boon Edam were part of the same track as Expivi (management). Toussin Poosters for Boels Rental was one of the speakers in the Industrial track and in the Infra track Dick Baars & Mark van der Meer for Dura Vermeer gave one of the presentations.

What were our experiences?

There was a very positive atmosphere during the entire event. Where you could exchange lot of information, make new contacts and where you could certainly have a laugh as well. A lot of information was available about market development, AR and VR and how companies use these techniques, you could admire Kersten Retails robot and make connections with visitors and/or other companies. The organisation of the entire event was very good, with a very nice lunch, helpful employees and network drinks afterwards. Every visitor received a little goodie bag as well upon leaving. All in all it was a very successful and informative day! Watch the after-movie here. Does the event interest you? You can now apply for 2019! #CU2019 Go here to read more about events Expivi was part of.