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The 3D Product Configurator for WooCommerce you’ve been looking for!

Easy installation, easy configuration, deeply integrated with WooCommerce

  • Increase sales by allowing your customers to see the final product in 3D
  • Reduce costs by shortening the time-to-market and automating the sales process
  • Improve customer experience by showcasing your products in 3D

Expivi is a complete 3D ecommerce platform, but we understand that sometimes you don’t want to switch platforms. With the Expivi plugin for WordPress WooCommerce, you could still use Expivi with your favourite ecommerce platform.

The Expivi WooCommerce plugin makes it possible to integrate Expivi on your WooCommerce website. The plugin replaces the standard WooCommerce image viewer and options selector, no matter which theme you’re using. When the product has been fully customised, the final product can be added to the WooCommerce cart and the order processing will be handled by WooCommerce itself.

With this plugin it is finally possible to have a real 3D product configurator in WooCommerce with Augmented Reality support!


Easy installation

Easy configuration

Deeply integrated with WooCommerce

Live store examples

See how other webshops are already using Expivi’s 3D product configurator in their WooCommerce webshop

Armis Polo

Seller of helmets for the polo sport


Seller of Herman Miller chairs

What do you need?

In order to integrate Expivi’s 3D product configurator with your WooCommerce shop, you need to have an Expivi account first. Signup for an account with a 30 days no strings attached trial period.

Download our plugin

Install the Expivi WooCommerce plugin directly from the WordPress plugins directory. If you want to download it, head over to the official WordPress plugins website.


To learn how to use our native WooCommerce plugin, head over to our documentation page.

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