Prominent: engaging and immersive shopping experience

Prominent is a furniture company with 39 brick stores that has been providing comfortable and stylish furniture for over 80 years. With a strong focus on quality and design, they offer a wide range of furniture products.


How to better present products?

To meet today’s needs of their customers they understood that the online presentation of their product range has increasingly become more important. Especially with so many products and customization options available. They were looking for a better way to present their product range to customers without the use of traditional, expensive, photography.


Get your customers a few steps further in the buying cycle

Prominent turned to Expivi’s 3D configurator platform to create an interactive and personalized shopping experience for their customers. Wit
h the 3D configurator, customers can see every aspect of the furniture they are interested in, including the materials, colors, options, and sizes, in real-time. They can customize the furniture to their liking, and even see how it looks in their own space using the unique augmented reality feature.

By using the 3D configurator, Prominent can provide their customers with a more engaging and immersive shopping experience. It allows customers to see and fully understand the furniture and all combinations before they visit a store to physically see the products and making a purchase. The experience increases the value of customers visiting Prominent’s brick stores as they are well prepared, ready to buy and a few steps further in their buying cycle in comparison with a walk-in customer. Additionally, the platform generates a complete Bill of Materials for each configured product, making inventory and production management more efficient whilst reducing errors.


Increased sales and loyaly with the new shopping experience

Since implementing Expivi’s 3D configurator, Prominent has seen significant improvements in the customer shopping experience and overall sales. The 3D configurator has enabled Prominent to provide customers with a more personalized and accurate shopping experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The virtual showroom has also provided Prominent with a more cost-effective and flexible way to showcase their furniture, leading to increased sales and revenue. Overall, the collaboration between Prominent and Expivi has resulted in a more immersive and personalized shopping experience for customers and increased sales for the furniture company.

Improved customer experience

The interactive 3D solution improved the customer experience and loyalty, resulting in more completed configurations and showroom visits.

Higher conversion rates

By using the configurator, customers now understand all product combinations. This increased the conversion rate because more people place an order.

Reduced errors

The configurator improves the sales process with fewer errors and faster quotes.

Bart Verdouw, Marketing Manager

"A couch or a chair is a piece of furniture in your home that you don't replace every year. Customers want to have an idea of how their couch or chair will look in a specific upholstery and arrangement. The configurator assists us in this aspect by visually demonstrating how the chair or couch will appear. As a result, customers come to the store better prepared."

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